November 16, 2011

Update: Home for the Golden Gays Pride Season 2012

This 20th of November, Akei and PinoyG4M will visit the Home for the Golden Days.

For more information, you may visit the event page on Facebook or join the conversation in the PG4M forums.

November 10, 2011

Give Back This Pride Season & Christmas!

PinoyG4M and the Akei LGBTIQ Working Group is teaming up to aid the Home for the Golden Gays!

Choose one or both ways to help:

I want to sponsor:
You may donate cash by contacting us below or you may opt to give slippers, colorful shirts, fans, combs, handkerchiefs and/or toiletries. Pledges & donations will be publicly listed but you may request to remain anonymous.

Click here for instructions on how to donate via GCash.

Click here for a list of Internation GCash Remit partners.

I want to volunteer:
Join us for a fun afternoon at the Home!
1:00 - 5:00 PM
November 26, 2011 | Saturday
Home for the Golden Gays
#108 David Street corner F.B. Harrison, Pasay City

For more information, visit the event's page on Facebook.

You may also join the conversation in the PG4M forums

Home for the Golden Gays

The Home for the Golden Gays is "a refuge for the elderly and vulnerable gays of Manila. A home for those, who have nowhere else to go, for those whose families have rejected them, and for those who simply want to be in the company of other elderly gays."

PinoyG4M: Straight Talk for Gay Men

PG4M (Pinoy Guys4Men) is an online message board for Filipino and Philippine-based gay and bisexual men. This site aims to provide a venue for conversation and exchange of ideas among its members, providing a venue for friendship, a sense of community, and a sounding board for opinions and concerns of gay men regarding the current issues and trends facing not just the LGBT people, but the society in general.

Lanchie Abanco
+63 917 365 9620

Akei LGBTIQ Working Group

The LGBTIQ Working Group of Akei considers the status of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual & questioning/queer (LGBTIQ) peoples as one of the last great civil issues of our time. In countries around the world, LGBTIQs face issues on multiple fronts--in justice systems, workplaces and even among their peers. Akei plans to concentrate on improving movement tactics, social networks and cultural capital in the LGBTIQ community through harnessing intellectual resources so as to create systemic changes in how LGBTIQ people are treated in society.

PJ Salenda
Akei LGBTIQ Working Group
+63 918 942 8513

November 01, 2011

Suddenly You Were Out of My Reach

Suddenly you were out of my reach
And I was an infant without my rattle
Then I was a baby without a bottle

Suddenly you were out of my sight
And I was a child without my mother
Then I was a kid without a father

Suddenly you were no longer beside me
And I would feel the cold of winter
Then I would sweat in the heat of summer

Suddenly I could no longer feel you
And I am a man with just a memory
Then I am someone living in reverie

Suddenly I will open my eyes
And I will see I am one and alone
Then I will not see why I am alone

October 27, 2011

Akei and PG4M to Visit Home for the Golden Gays

In celebration of Manila Pride 2011, PinoyG4M and Akei will hold an Outreach Program to Home for the Golden Gays.

Much like Golden Acres or Home for the Aged, the Home serves as a refuge for the elderly but is targeted towards the elderly gay. What better way to celebrate this Gay Pride season than to give back to help those who were there before us.

This is an open invitation for anyone who wishes to help us help the Home. Anyone who wants to pledge any amount, you may contact Lanchie at (63) 917 365 9620 or send an email to

For more information, you may visit the links above.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
~Dr. Seuss

October 11, 2011


I'm still getting views in this blog although I haven't updated it in such a long time!


April 12, 2011


Minsan nabigyan ako ng isang laruan
Na siyang ikinatuwa ko naman
Ikinasaya, kaya napaglaruan
Hanggang sa ito'y napagsawahan.

Napagsawahan hanggang nakalimutan
Ni kung saan ko huling iniwan
Hindi ko na matandaan
Maaaring doon, maaaring diyan.

Hanggang isang araw aking nakita
Ang laruan ko, hawak ng isang bata.
Sigaw ko, "bata, bata, akin yan a!"
"Hindi ah! Akin 'to," sagot niya.

"Eh, sa'n mo ba yan nakuha?"
Tanong ko naman sa kan'ya.
"Dun o," sambit niya
Habang nakaturo sa basura.

Napatunayan kong yun nga ang laruan ko
Dahil ang basurang kanyang itinuro
Ay mga laman dati ng aking kwarto,
Mga pinaglumahan, pinagsawahan ko.

Samantala, biglang lumapit ang isa pang bata
At inagaw ang laruan ko mula sa isa pa.
Doon ako napaisip nang bigla
"Pinagaagawan nila yun e luma na?"

Kasabay nun ay bigla kong nadama,
Selos! Matinding selos sa kanila.
Sa isip ko, "akin yun ah!
Bakit ngayon nasakanila na?"

Habang sila'y nagaaway aking pinagmasdan
ang laruan kong kanilang pinagaagawan.
"Luma na nga pero akin pa rin 'yan!"
Paulit-ulit s'aking isipan.

Sa huli naisip ko na lang,
"Sino man maglaro s'aking laruan,
Kung saan-saan man ang kanyang mapuntahan,
Akin pa rin ang laruan na 'yan."

March 19, 2011

Para Kay B1

You deserve to find happiness and I don't want to be the one who will stop you from doing so. I may not ever be ready for what you are expecting. If you wait for me, you might just be waiting in vain.

You still have a long way ahead of you while I had been damaged a long time ago. Don't let me stop you from being happy. It's difficult for me to let go of something very special to me, but I already am full of cracks. A tighter grip on me might make me break and the pieces may just bleed you. I'm sorry. I really am.

You'll eventually find someone who can love you and treat you better than I can, someone who you can truly be happy with.

It's not easy to let you go, believe me, but I realized I won't be good for you. If you continue holding on to me, I can't promise that you won't get hurt and I don't want to see you get hurt. Especially not by me.

Letting you go might be the biggest mistake I'll ever make but I don't want to be selfish anymore. I've told you before that the reason why I stay with you is because you make me happy. I'm happy when I'm with you, but I realized you won't be truly happy just loving me. You deserve to be loved back.

Out there, somewhere, someone can love you the way you deserve.

Right now, you say you're okay with all that. You say that I should just let you love me and you'll be happy that way, but you're just drunk from what we had. Eventually, when you find another someone special, you'll realize you can be happier than you are with me.